My GIT repositories

This page shows my source code repositories managed by Git. These are not my development trees but are synced from time to time.

All code on this page can be used, if not stated otherwise, under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

You can use git clone<repo> to get a copy of a specific tree.

repository description
3dscan DIY 3D scanner software using V4L2
alpha An unfinished attempt to create game. The isometric engine and is working, but it is not playable (see for more details).
avr-m32 Firmware and libusb-based client program for an ATMega32 development and test board.
bgrep A little tool to find binary sequences in files.
detree generic graphical tree inspector
dwinfo Some tools helping to understand the file formats used in the Discworld series of games.
g3dviewer Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
gio A Linux kernel driver started to enumerate the GIO bus found in SGI Indigo, Indy and Indigo2 machines. Not working anymore due to bitrot.
housebuilder Build houses by drawing them and watch them in 3D!
ledplay A userspace program to control a LED matrix attached to the parallel port using the LLG hardware and driver (with small changes;
libg3d Unnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
libsean A library trying to scan EAN codes using a webcam or another image taken from a barcode. The video interface is fairly hardcoded GStreamer stuff at the moment, some configurable stuff will hopefully be available soon.
spycmd some code to control an LEGO programmable brick (Spybotics only testet so far) via an external computer (e.g. VLL dongle on serial port) using a NQC-like syntax
stripboard Gtk+ application to design an electronic prototyping board (stripboard).
uhcc my submission for the 2006 Underhanded C Contest ( While not winning at least it entered the final round.
vrack a virtual 19" rack
watcham Watch apt-mirror progress
ze03 some serial protocol implementation for an ancient Codatex ZE03 programmer